Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dresses

The girls' Nana bought the girls matching dresses for Christmas. Aren't my little girls just so cute?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bath Babies

Allyson started taking baths with her sisters in the big tub and she is loving it, they all are loving it. Here are my bathing beauties!

Christmas Tree Cutting

We went out looking for our Christmas tree while Jeff's parents were here and we went with his brothers family as well. Here are pics of us with Nana and Papop and Madison, Samantha, Allyson and their cousins.

Our Cruise

Samantha split her eye open the second to last day on ship. The water had gotten a little choppy and our little girl isn't steady on her feet as it is and she ended up tripping and falling against the bed.
Jeff on deck enjoying the breeze
Allyson and I doing the same.
Jeff and Madison on the boat waiting to go into the restaurant for dinner.
Jeff, Madison and Samantha at the crocodile farm in Cozemel.
Jeff just got back from his adventures in snorkling.
Allyson and mom enjoying the beach in Cozemel.
Madison some of her cousins in front of the cruise ship.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So, I promised a friend that I would update my blog so here it is, I guess once I got on facebook I kinda forgot all about blogging, that and I'm not too good with the being consistent thing. Here is a recent pic of our family. Life is changing so quickly, yesterday as I sat thinking about how big my girls are I realized how great my life really is, sure I have my trials but I have been so blessed, I coulnt ask for more (well I could but I wont). Madison is talking up a storm and she is now going to take on her new nickname, the same one I had as a little girl, chatterbox. It has now been three days without problems with potty training so we are pretty excited. Samantha is a little mischievious little girl but she is also very flirty and likes to make people smile, she taunts madison when she thinks no one is looking and when someone is she acts like it is Madison who should get in trouble. Together the girls are troublemakers and drive me crazy. Allyson rolled over for the first time yesterday and then preceeded to roll over everytime I put her on her back, she will be a very determined little girl, she just doesnt stop until its done, I hope its a trait that will continue throughout life, its good to be that way. She also is a talker and she gurgles all the time. Jeff and I are doing great and we are loving life, work is going really well for Jeff, he's been a little bummed lately because he made the big decision to quit running because of the problems he has with his back but he is keeping active. We got a gym membership lately and I have been loving it. Like I said, we are totally blessed.
Maddie got some new jammies and she loves them, she didn't want to take them off for two days, we finally had to convince her to let us wash them, here she is just showing them off.

The other day I noticed it had gotten too quite while I was cleaning and went in search of the girls. Maddie was quietly playing downstairs but I couldn't find Samantha, after checking all the room I started to get a little panicky and was calling her name, I decided to double check all the rooms and when I went into hers calling for her I heard a little giggle, after inspection I found her just laying under Maddies bed smiling at me. She thought she was just so funny.

Samantha now loves to hide under the bed all the time. At least now that is the first place I look.

Winter in October

So you just got to love Colorado weather! These are pictures that I took yesterday morning before it really started snowing, now I think the totals in are area are around 19-20 inches of snow and it is still falling. Here is our little pumpkin on the front porch, now you cant even see it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Pics From May!

Madison LOVES her new little sister! Sometimes I think she loves her a little too much.
Madison in Tiny Town when her Nana came to visit.
Daddy and Sammy, they sure do look alike, its all in the eyes!
Nana came up for a visit and to help out the day we got out of the hospital with Allyson, she was here for a week and was a lifesaver. While she was here we went to Tiny Town for a day of fun. Madison had a blast with her Nana.

Friday, May 22, 2009

She is here!

On Wed. at 12:25a.m. Allyson Marie Roberts was born weighing in at 7lbs. 6oz. and 19 in. long. She and her mommy are both home and doing great. Madison and Samantha love their little sister. Nana came up to visit and help for a week and we are all very excited that she is here. She has already been a great help. As some of you know I had been having contractions for about three weeks and then they would stop and start again and we couldn't figure why I just didn't have her and when she came out we found out why. She had the cord wrapped around her body and her neck that was acting as a bungie cord pulling her back in every time she tried to come out. They finally had to use the vaccume to help pull her out. We are all happy to finally have her here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So, I haven't put anything up in a really long time. I didn't end up winning the belly contest although I would have loved to. At the beginning of March we went down to AZ. to visit Mom and Dad Roberts and really enjoyed ourselves, we would have loved to stay longer and are a little jealous of some of our friends who are moving down there soon. Here are some pictures of the day we visited the wildlife zoo and aquarium. For an update with the baby, we wish she would come already! I have been having some bad contractions for about a week now and have had to go in twice to see the midwife, I am to totally take it easy so that preterm labor is not an option but I don't think that this little one wants to wait too long before joining the family. Madison likes to lay her head on my belly and shout, "Come out NOW baby sister!" I wonder if she is staying in there on purpose now. We are still not set on a name for this little one, we are a little indecisive about it, we are open to suggestions. Jeff has started training again for his summer round of marathons and is pretty excited about it. He also just got a new schedule for work which has him off Fri. Sat. and Sun. which we are totally enjoying. I just got a new freezer and have spent much of my time trying to fill it and get it ready for the month or so after the baby comes so I wont have to cook much and can just have Jeff pull something out. Madison has been in a music class and she has been loving it, she embarrasses me sometimes though because she goes around in class with the little shakers saying "shake yo booby, shake yo booby" (she is supposed to be saying shake your booty). She is becoming a real big helper to me and is trying to potty train herself these days which can sometimes become inconvenient because I walk downstairs to find her buck naked and she tells me "I pee on couch mom" although she is quite apologetic about it. Samantha is the sweetest little thing, she has a constant innocent look on her face but we know better. She is starting to talk a little and she has started to walk in the last week or so. All in all we are doing great and I will try to keep this blog a little more updated.

Friday, February 20, 2009

More baby bump pics

Personally this one is my favorite but you tell me.

These are more pics that my friend painted on me for the contest. Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Check out my baby bump!

A local radio station is having a contest that starts tomorrow called Billboard Baby Bump and they asked pregnant women to use their bellies as advertising for the morning show hosts. All that was required was to have the hosts names on the belly. I called up my awesome friend Becca who is an great artist and asked if she wanted to paint my tummy and she was all for it. Look at this amazing design that she came up with! I hope we win! There is something like $2000 worth of prizes for the winner so I hope it works out. I think you can go on to their website tom. and vote for your favorite so vote for ours:) What do you guys think? Is it awesome or what?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Here they are, pics of our little SuperBowl party that we had with our friends across the street.We had a ton of food and lots of fun. Madison got this cheerleading outfit from some friends two summers ago and it never fit until now, just in time for the big game. Isn't she cute? It was sure a good game even if our team didnt win like we wanted them to.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I found it

Okay, so I went back and found a football background for the SUPERBOWL so I changed it, you will have to see my Valentines background in a week or two.

Ticked Off!

I was at the store today picking up a few things and my little Maddie was being a pill! As we were standing in the checkout line she decided to take off her shoes and throw them on the ground. I picked them up and told her not to do it again. She quickly said "NO way mommy" and I responded by flicking her on the mouth. The woman who was in front of me gasped, looked at both of the girls and then at my large belly and said "some people" all huffy like. I wanted to haul off and smack her a good one. I have been judged too many times on the fact that my children are close together but it is none of anyone else's biz wax. I am a good mom and can handle my children just fine and they are actually really well behaved most of the time and when they are not they don't usually get away with it but its not like I was beating the poor kid or something. I love my children and am excited for the arrival of my new little girl as well. Why do people feel like it is their business to judge? I hate it!

New Look

Hey guys, check me out! I finally got around to changing the look of my blog. I think I am going to try to change it up every month or so. With Valentines Day around the corner I figured I would go ahead and put this one up. What I really should be putting up is a SuperBowl background but I couldn't find one and I would have to change it again in a week or so anyhow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Big #1 ( and #2)

My babies are getting so big and grown up (I know they have a long way to go yet). Madison turned two on the 17th and Samantha hit the big #1 on the 24th. We had a party for the both of them and we had about 35 people here in the house which was too many but we are so glad that everyone came to celebrate with us. Thanks everyone for the girls' new wardrobe.