Thursday, October 29, 2009

So, I promised a friend that I would update my blog so here it is, I guess once I got on facebook I kinda forgot all about blogging, that and I'm not too good with the being consistent thing. Here is a recent pic of our family. Life is changing so quickly, yesterday as I sat thinking about how big my girls are I realized how great my life really is, sure I have my trials but I have been so blessed, I coulnt ask for more (well I could but I wont). Madison is talking up a storm and she is now going to take on her new nickname, the same one I had as a little girl, chatterbox. It has now been three days without problems with potty training so we are pretty excited. Samantha is a little mischievious little girl but she is also very flirty and likes to make people smile, she taunts madison when she thinks no one is looking and when someone is she acts like it is Madison who should get in trouble. Together the girls are troublemakers and drive me crazy. Allyson rolled over for the first time yesterday and then preceeded to roll over everytime I put her on her back, she will be a very determined little girl, she just doesnt stop until its done, I hope its a trait that will continue throughout life, its good to be that way. She also is a talker and she gurgles all the time. Jeff and I are doing great and we are loving life, work is going really well for Jeff, he's been a little bummed lately because he made the big decision to quit running because of the problems he has with his back but he is keeping active. We got a gym membership lately and I have been loving it. Like I said, we are totally blessed.
Maddie got some new jammies and she loves them, she didn't want to take them off for two days, we finally had to convince her to let us wash them, here she is just showing them off.

The other day I noticed it had gotten too quite while I was cleaning and went in search of the girls. Maddie was quietly playing downstairs but I couldn't find Samantha, after checking all the room I started to get a little panicky and was calling her name, I decided to double check all the rooms and when I went into hers calling for her I heard a little giggle, after inspection I found her just laying under Maddies bed smiling at me. She thought she was just so funny.

Samantha now loves to hide under the bed all the time. At least now that is the first place I look.

Winter in October

So you just got to love Colorado weather! These are pictures that I took yesterday morning before it really started snowing, now I think the totals in are area are around 19-20 inches of snow and it is still falling. Here is our little pumpkin on the front porch, now you cant even see it.