Friday, July 9, 2010

Cow appreciation day

Every year we go to Cow Apprecitation Day at Chik-Fil-A which just happens to be one of our favorite fast food places (not that we go out much).They give you a full free meal if you dress up like a cow so...... this year I attempted to make the girls cow dresses (pillowcase dresses). I think they turned out pretty cute for only having an hour to make them. The girls had a lot of fun, they got free food, got to see the cow and played with cousins.

Random Pics from July

4th of July

The whole weekend of the 4th was GREAT! We started it off by seeing dad and Jay which was really fun. We spent the whole weekend with Dwayne, Lindsay and kids. Lit off fireworks in Dwaynes backyard on Saturday and then went up to Georgetown for fireworks on Sunday. It rained like crazy for a while and then cleared up just with enough time to do sparklers and watch the fireworks.

Bellview Park

The girls' favorite park is Bellview Park. It has a train, petting zoo and a creek that runs through it for swimming. When we go it is a full day kind of trip with a picnic and everything. Here we are with Amber, Syriana and Lyra.


During the summer it seems that there is nothing better for our family to do than go hiking. Madison loves it and she really loves being the leader and telling everyone where we are going. This first picture would have been so cute but as you can see Samantha decided to go digging.

Allyson used to just love the backpack but lately we are getting concerned because she feels that since she can walk she should be doing it all the time.