Thursday, June 16, 2011


Alligator. Our little trouble maker. Allyson, well, she is just Allyson. Allie loves to tease and then when caught she just smiles and says something cute to us. I have realized lately that we only have a few more weeks for this sweet precosious little girl to be our baby. Her little sister will be here soon and we will see how she does, she loves babies and her dollies so we hope she does well. Allyson is so much fun, she loves to make people laugh. She started talking early and never stopped talking (must take after her mommy). Love this little girl!

Samantha Bugs

Our little Samantha bugs. Samantha is our girlie girl for sure! She LOVES to brush her hair and sing for her daddy. Samantha takes her time in everything she does which drives her mommy crazy but she sure is cute about it if you try to rush her. Samantha is our tender hearted little girl, always telling everyone how much she loves them, giving snuggles and just sharing her smile.


Maddie is our little sassafras! She is not quite defined as either a tomboy or a girlie girl. She is something in and of itself. Here she is with her little rag curlers showing me her "cute face". She has become a big help and little mommy to her sisters since I got pregnant. Maddie has grown so very much since she started preschool in the fall and it is fun to see her grow and develop more each and every day!

New Camera and a trip to Boulder

I got a new camera a while back and I have really enjoyed taking pictures and videos of my little girls. We went up to boulder for a quick trip and for Jeff to sign up for the boulder-boulder and went up into the mountians for a picnic. Aren't the girls just so stinkin' cute?

Preggie mommy just trying to keep up with my VERY active hubby and girls. This is probably the only pregnancy pic you will get of me this go round.

Free Day at the Botanical Gardens

I couldn't get them to sit together nicely for the life of me so here they are not so nicely.


Every Easter it is tradition to go over to Grandmas and dye easter eggs and then do an easter egg hunt with all of the cousins. Here are a few pics of the girls in their hunt.
Ah... sisterly love, doesn't happen often around here so we appreciate it when it does.
Each of the girls had a different color egg to hunt for (grandma always wants to make sure they get the same amount of eggs)
Little Alligator

Bedroom Changes

I recently got sick and tired of my bedroom and for christmas got a new bedspread and I decided its about time I did something with it. I found two nightstands on craigslist for $10, they were white and old looking so I sanded them down and restained them. I am sure no one cares except my friend Becca and this post is for her!

Zoo Trip

We took a trip to the Denver Zoo when Aunt Becca and Uncle Jay and baby Laura were in town a while back. The girls love their cousin baby Laura and had a good time with her.

Catching up

Yes, I know that this is a long time coming but I thought I would try to spend a few hours playing catch up and trying to get a few cute pictures up. We will see how it goes I guess.