Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Professional Pictures

My cute pictures didnt turn out like I wanted and I found a coupon for a free 8x10 so I took the girls to get their pictures done professionally. They turned out pretty cute.

My Cuties!

The girls got new outfits a while back that are matching (I dont usually do matching outfits but these really are pretty cute) and I thought it would be cute to take their pictures but they didnt turn out as I wanted them to. Oh well.

Jeffs Run in Ouray

Mom and Dad came up from Arizona to be there with us. Dwayne and Lindsay were there along with Jean Daniel and Amber, my parents and young siblings, our friend Jake and Chantrie and Jed and Holly.
Jed ran in the race with Jeff and did awesome! Here are the two guys.
This is only about 1/6 of the trail that Jeff ran

Madison with her nana and papop
There he is coming into the home stretch!

We had a blast while in Ouray. Jeff did pretty good, he is obviously in a lot better shape than he was last year because even after falling down and getting pretty banged up and having to stop for a few minutes to take a nail out of his shoe he still beat last years time by a few minutes. Hopefully next year he wont have any mishaps and he'll be able to really beat it. Camping for five days was just what I needed to relax. Samantha the poor girl got stung by a bee at five oclock in the morning one of the days and we had to pump some Benedryl into the poor girl. We went four wheeling and we even went to the hot springs to play. It was a great trip and we were really proud of Jeff.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is this tagging crap all about? Ive been tagged by a few people and have no idea if I'm up for it. I have a hard enough time just keeping up on my blog let alone knowing anyone to tag when Im done. Life has been pretty crazy lately with Jeff being out of town for almost half of last month and summer just always seems to come onto you pretty quickly. I have been starting up a couple of things to help bring in some extra income by working at home. I started a new $$ saving blog for people located in the west (Utah,Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, California,Oregon and all the others) Please check it out and let others know about it too! It's mamamoola . Does anyone have any ideas on how to make decent money from home? (not including babysitting)
There is not really a reason for putting these pictures up only that I think the pics of the girls are really dang cute. Maddison loves slides and whenever we pass a park that is all she can say. "Slide" about twenty times. My girls are growing so fast. Maddie picks up new words every day and she keeps us laughing. 
There he is, my handsome hubby. 
Isn't this picture of Samantha just so sweet? A good friend of mine took it and made a few changes and now its really cute. I think I'll have her do some of our family fotos.

Tiny Town

We went to Tiny Town last week with some friends and we all had a blast. 
There I am with Samantha(the baby) and Shannon Barlow
(left to right & front to back) Maddie, Chantrie, Cadence, Shannon and Me
Maddie loved to look into every window and see who was inside.
Maddie in the playground after walking through the town
Becca and Chantrie are some of our good friends that were with us.


Jeff plays soccer every Monday night with a mens league and we love to go watch. Maddie loves to run around on the field with her daddy before, after and during the game.

Some of the other guys kids come and Maddie loved to play with this one. She followed him around wherever he went and kept trying to hug and kiss him. (Daddy is in for it!)

So, I can't figure out how to rotate the first picture so turn your head sideways;) Madison has become such a shoe fanatic. She loves to put other peoples shoes on all the time. The funniest is when she actually tries to walk in them.