Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Annual Camping in Ouray!

Every year we go up to Ouray for a family camping trip and so that Jeff can run his Emogene Pass run that he has done every year since we've ben married. The first year it was just us and as each year passes we have more friends and family come up with us. This year the Andersons, Dad, Anna and Gavin joined us and we had a really good week.
Jake and Chantrie
Maizy, Kadence, Samantha, Madison and Allyson.
Me at my not so hottest with baby Courtney. She did fantastically while we were there. Two months and she went on her first camping trip.
Our makeshift table for the little girls.
My handsome hubby at the begining of the race.
Hiding out in the tent with my sweet Samantha bugs.
Daddy and his girls. They are all truly daddys girls and love to be around him.

Bluey the Naughty

This here is Bluey the Naughty our family pet, the only one we will probably ever have. I have no idea why he is called what he is. We let the girls name him and O what a name.

Our Newly Redone House!

Okay, for those of you who have never been in our house this might not look too drastic of a change but for those of you who have you will understand. Remember there is still some decorating to be done but I like it thus far for sure.
This is our bedroom, It used to be orange. I redid the curtains and pillowcases and lamp shades.
The dining room used to be a green color. All the walls in the house are the same color now which will help when we decided to sell. O and Jeff installed the ceiling fan all by himself a few months earlier so that is somewhat new.
Our kitchen was a deep red and the cupboards were cream. Jeff stripped them, deglossed them and painted and glazed them. (please excuse the dirty dishes in the sink)
Part of the living room. Jeff's grandma painted the picture over the fireplace for us. (this picture was just taken so the leaves and pumpkin are our decorations for Halloween/fall)
This is the other half of the living room I modge podged the paintings above the couch and there are new blinds in the windows. I have curtains I am just waiting for Jeff to get his second wind on house fix-ups so he can hang the curtain rods up for me.
These next three are the girls' room.

Idaho Trip

Jeff and I decided our house needed painting and an opportunity came up to get it done so the girls and I packed up and headed to Idaho and left daddy and uncle Tyler to do the job of fixing up the house. We went up to Island Park to visit great Grandma Wilson and here are some pictures from the trip.

The girls on top of Sawtell Peak.

Baby Courtney's Blessing Day

Courtney was blessed on July 24th 2011. Jay and Becca, nana and papop were there to visit us that weekend and we had a great time.

Courtney's dress was made by grandma Jensen. She is such a tiny little bugger and we love her!

My Time To Shine

This summer we put the girls into a singing and dancing group called My Time to Shine. They learned songs and preformed them at places like the Childrens Summer Festival and Heritage Square. Jeffs parents were able to come up for Courtneys blessing and the girls had a preformance that weekend as well. Here they are with their cousins who were in the group as well.

Courtney Ann Roberts

My sweet Courtney Ann Roberts was born on July 6th. I guess all the playing around on the 4th just got her ready to come out. She wasnt due until the 20th. She has been such a great blessing in our family! She was born in the morning of the 6th and weighed 7lbs. 4oz.

Visits in the hospital from her big sisters.

4th of July

We went up to Georgetown again this year and of course we had a lot of fun. There were lots of friends and family there.


Jeff had the day off of work so we took the girls bowling.
Samantha Joy.
Maddies favorite way to bowl.
Daddy and Ally.

U2 concert June 2011

I had to post this pic of Jeff even tho it was super dark because sadly it was the only one we got.
Jeffs brother Dwayne and his wife were there with us too.

Because I have so much to update as usual I am not going to write too much. We were able to go to the U2 concert at the end of June just the hubby and I and we had the BEST time! I was one of very few pregnant ladies there but that was okay. I am pretty sure Courtney will always be a U2 lover now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Alligator. Our little trouble maker. Allyson, well, she is just Allyson. Allie loves to tease and then when caught she just smiles and says something cute to us. I have realized lately that we only have a few more weeks for this sweet precosious little girl to be our baby. Her little sister will be here soon and we will see how she does, she loves babies and her dollies so we hope she does well. Allyson is so much fun, she loves to make people laugh. She started talking early and never stopped talking (must take after her mommy). Love this little girl!

Samantha Bugs

Our little Samantha bugs. Samantha is our girlie girl for sure! She LOVES to brush her hair and sing for her daddy. Samantha takes her time in everything she does which drives her mommy crazy but she sure is cute about it if you try to rush her. Samantha is our tender hearted little girl, always telling everyone how much she loves them, giving snuggles and just sharing her smile.


Maddie is our little sassafras! She is not quite defined as either a tomboy or a girlie girl. She is something in and of itself. Here she is with her little rag curlers showing me her "cute face". She has become a big help and little mommy to her sisters since I got pregnant. Maddie has grown so very much since she started preschool in the fall and it is fun to see her grow and develop more each and every day!

New Camera and a trip to Boulder

I got a new camera a while back and I have really enjoyed taking pictures and videos of my little girls. We went up to boulder for a quick trip and for Jeff to sign up for the boulder-boulder and went up into the mountians for a picnic. Aren't the girls just so stinkin' cute?

Preggie mommy just trying to keep up with my VERY active hubby and girls. This is probably the only pregnancy pic you will get of me this go round.

Free Day at the Botanical Gardens

I couldn't get them to sit together nicely for the life of me so here they are not so nicely.