Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dresses

The girls' Nana bought the girls matching dresses for Christmas. Aren't my little girls just so cute?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bath Babies

Allyson started taking baths with her sisters in the big tub and she is loving it, they all are loving it. Here are my bathing beauties!

Christmas Tree Cutting

We went out looking for our Christmas tree while Jeff's parents were here and we went with his brothers family as well. Here are pics of us with Nana and Papop and Madison, Samantha, Allyson and their cousins.

Our Cruise

Samantha split her eye open the second to last day on ship. The water had gotten a little choppy and our little girl isn't steady on her feet as it is and she ended up tripping and falling against the bed.
Jeff on deck enjoying the breeze
Allyson and I doing the same.
Jeff and Madison on the boat waiting to go into the restaurant for dinner.
Jeff, Madison and Samantha at the crocodile farm in Cozemel.
Jeff just got back from his adventures in snorkling.
Allyson and mom enjoying the beach in Cozemel.
Madison some of her cousins in front of the cruise ship.