Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ticked Off!

I was at the store today picking up a few things and my little Maddie was being a pill! As we were standing in the checkout line she decided to take off her shoes and throw them on the ground. I picked them up and told her not to do it again. She quickly said "NO way mommy" and I responded by flicking her on the mouth. The woman who was in front of me gasped, looked at both of the girls and then at my large belly and said "some people" all huffy like. I wanted to haul off and smack her a good one. I have been judged too many times on the fact that my children are close together but it is none of anyone else's biz wax. I am a good mom and can handle my children just fine and they are actually really well behaved most of the time and when they are not they don't usually get away with it but its not like I was beating the poor kid or something. I love my children and am excited for the arrival of my new little girl as well. Why do people feel like it is their business to judge? I hate it!


Jensen Family said...

Yeah I have been getting a lot of those Oh my gosh looks too lately! I would be so mad, people do need to just mind their own business!

holly said...

hey naomi! your blog is so cute. thanks for sharing. we need to hang out some time!!