Friday, May 28, 2010

The rest of the trip!

What a cute little neice we have. While there we were able to be a part of Laura's baby blessing as well as watch Jay get his masters degree. The blessing day was fun and special and graduation was also a treat. We spent time with our family and really enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. We had a great visit and are now glad to be home again with our little girls.

New York

The second day of our trip we headed down for a day in New York and had a lot of fun there as well. We went to Central Park and walked around for a while, ate lunch then headed over to Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty. Then shopping for a while and then to go see "Come Fly Away" on Broadway. We ended the night with dinner and some great New york cheese cake! We had a great time!


Jay, Becca and baby Laura in Boston.
Boston Harbor behind us.

We had a lot of fun on our trip for Jays graduation, the first day there we drove up to Boston and walked along the Freedom Trail. On our way up we stopped in Lexington to appreciate our history. While in Boston we ate at a great seafood restaurant and just enjoyed being with family.

Fixed my camera

I fixed my camera and was able to get some pics off of it from our trip to AZ in Feb. and I took some other random pics.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Visiting Friends

One of Jeff's buddies from before the mission came to visit us with his wife. We were able to hit up the museum, rock climb and just have some fun. Here are some of the pics from that trip. We had a great time, Kyle and Lindsay.

Random Pics

Out hiking a few weeks back. Allie on my back with Samantha
Our little HAM!
We got the girls a bunk bed in February and the girls love playing on it all the time.
Cute huh? Allyson fell asleep in her swing.
The girls love to play dress-up. I constantly have to tell the girls to get clothes back on, I should probably not even get them dressed in the morning.

New Hats!

Aunt Lindsay made the girls these cute beenies that the girls just love. What do you think???

These ones of Allie I just had to put in as well.

Birthday Party

Pictures from the girls' 2nd and 3rd birthday.

Broken ankle

So, jeff broke his ankle the day after Valentines day. He slipped on some ice while carrying the girls just outside the door. Here are some of the pics after his surgery.

Stock Show

For Christmas I got tickets to the stock show so we took the girls with us and had a really good time. Here they are all dressed up in their cowgirl clothes. Maddie still asks if she can go to the rodie' rodie.