Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So, I haven't put anything up in a really long time. I didn't end up winning the belly contest although I would have loved to. At the beginning of March we went down to AZ. to visit Mom and Dad Roberts and really enjoyed ourselves, we would have loved to stay longer and are a little jealous of some of our friends who are moving down there soon. Here are some pictures of the day we visited the wildlife zoo and aquarium. For an update with the baby, we wish she would come already! I have been having some bad contractions for about a week now and have had to go in twice to see the midwife, I am to totally take it easy so that preterm labor is not an option but I don't think that this little one wants to wait too long before joining the family. Madison likes to lay her head on my belly and shout, "Come out NOW baby sister!" I wonder if she is staying in there on purpose now. We are still not set on a name for this little one, we are a little indecisive about it, we are open to suggestions. Jeff has started training again for his summer round of marathons and is pretty excited about it. He also just got a new schedule for work which has him off Fri. Sat. and Sun. which we are totally enjoying. I just got a new freezer and have spent much of my time trying to fill it and get it ready for the month or so after the baby comes so I wont have to cook much and can just have Jeff pull something out. Madison has been in a music class and she has been loving it, she embarrasses me sometimes though because she goes around in class with the little shakers saying "shake yo booby, shake yo booby" (she is supposed to be saying shake your booty). She is becoming a real big helper to me and is trying to potty train herself these days which can sometimes become inconvenient because I walk downstairs to find her buck naked and she tells me "I pee on couch mom" although she is quite apologetic about it. Samantha is the sweetest little thing, she has a constant innocent look on her face but we know better. She is starting to talk a little and she has started to walk in the last week or so. All in all we are doing great and I will try to keep this blog a little more updated.


Jensen Family said...

Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard reading those things about Maddie! They are just too cute!

C Jensen said...

No baby still?! Maybe she's waiting till my birthday :).

C Jensen said...

ok, I have some baby name ideas...Zoe, Cadence but call her Cady (Katie), Chloe.