Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Claus

We went to mom and dad's ward Christmas party the other day and Maddie and Sammy got to see Santa. I was pretty sure they would both cry but they did pretty well. I think it was because Maddie saw all the other little kids coming away with a little bag of candy and wanted some too. Sammy only cooperated because her sister was right there.

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the stone fam:) said...

yeah a girl thats good i wish you would have a boy as well but hey your not done yet so there will be one!! girls are fun to when is your due date exactly i hope and pray i have a little girl as well!! i am so sick of boy clothes i could puke every baby is a blessing i would just love to see some pinks and purples!! so do you have any names if ours is a little girl we are going to name her ainslee i am so excited i have loved that name for ever!! how many weeks are you?