Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I HATE Needles!!

So unfortunately I spent the last two days in the hospital due to so infection in my gastro intestinal area that the doctors couldn't figure out what it was but I had to stay in bed and be hooked up to numerous monitors because my blood pressure was really low my heart rate was really high and I had an incredible temp. We did find out that baby #3 is fine though. They had to do a whole bunch of tests on me and eventually just figured that they couldn't figure out what was wrong so when things turned back to normal they gave me some prescriptions to treat the symptoms and sent me home so I am still having the whole load of problems that sent me to the ER and got me a ride in an ambulance but at least now I have a story and two arms that look like they belong to a Dalmatian instead of me. Maybe Ill post a picture. I lost count after thirteen on the times they had to poke me to draw blood. Oh well by the time I have this baby I'll be ready for the epidural. I'm really excited to be back home with my babies whom I missed a ton!! I am not really up to taking care of them much but at least I am with them. I also have a really great friend who took care of them while I was gone and then helped arrange people making our dinner for the next couple of days so I am okay with being home. I will finally sleep in my own bed and no one will be coming in to be dracula anymore! I am so grateful for my health (my normal health) while I was in the hospital I saw a lot of people who were a lot worse off than myself and who were always going to be that way so I am so grateful to be healthy!

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Jensen Family said...

Hey Naomi, hope you are feeling better now that you are home. That's so crazy that they couldn't even figure out what was wrong. Let me know if you need anything! Your mom said you might be getting an ultrasound soon so call me afterwards.