Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is this tagging crap all about? Ive been tagged by a few people and have no idea if I'm up for it. I have a hard enough time just keeping up on my blog let alone knowing anyone to tag when Im done. Life has been pretty crazy lately with Jeff being out of town for almost half of last month and summer just always seems to come onto you pretty quickly. I have been starting up a couple of things to help bring in some extra income by working at home. I started a new $$ saving blog for people located in the west (Utah,Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, California,Oregon and all the others) Please check it out and let others know about it too! It's mamamoola . Does anyone have any ideas on how to make decent money from home? (not including babysitting)


Jensen Family said...

I love how you put that "besides babysitting"!! I'm with you on that one! Does Celeste still work at home doing that medical billing? Maybe you should talk to her!

the stone fam:) said...

hey i totally hear you on the babysitting thing!! thats awesome about the whole baby thing i am so excited that your doing the same thing as me finally some one else!! we are trying again for another one it is sad it will be our last but it also will be a good thing lets just all pray for a girl!!

holly said...

hey naomi!

are you guys back and in the swing of things yet? i realized that i don't have your email address to email you these photos from the trip. let me know! mine is