Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There is not really a reason for putting these pictures up only that I think the pics of the girls are really dang cute. Maddison loves slides and whenever we pass a park that is all she can say. "Slide" about twenty times. My girls are growing so fast. Maddie picks up new words every day and she keeps us laughing. 
There he is, my handsome hubby. 
Isn't this picture of Samantha just so sweet? A good friend of mine took it and made a few changes and now its really cute. I think I'll have her do some of our family fotos.


the stone fam:) said...

see you can do it your blog is looking great i am so glad!!! your girls are so cute!! and you guys look so happy thats awesome i wish that there were some fun things like that little town around here i know my kids would love it so i was gonna ask you how do you like having your kids so close do you love it or hate it??

Jensen Family said...

Cute Pictures! My nieces are always cute, though!!!