Monday, August 4, 2008

Well, we got back a week or so ago from our annual family reunion in Island Park, Idaho. We sure had fun just like we do every year. We did a few new things and a lot of the same old stuff.

Here is something new for us. Jeff rode a bull for the first time and did pretty good if I do say so myself. He says it's addicting and wanted to go back to the rodeo again the next day to do it again but we couldn't. I think I will now have to worry about this new thing of his.

Look real close and you'll be able to see a cute little Maddie stuck in between us trying to make sure she got in the picture too!

We went to West Yellowstone and we got to see some bears and wolves. Maddie just thought they were dogs.
           So cute, what can I say more?
Maddie and Dad took a few rides out on great Grandma and Grandpa Jensen's 4wheelers and doesn't she sure look like she was enjoying it.

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Jensen Family said...

Jeff sure did do a great first ride!